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Human Rights

Do you feel you have had your rights violated?

Human Rights violations take place in our society every day.  The Human Rights Code of Ontario protects the rights of individuals in the following areas: Services, Accommodation, Contracts, Employment, and Membership in Vocational Associations.

No person has the right to discriminated against or to be harassed for any of the following:

      • age
      • race
      • ancestry
      • place of origin
      • colour
      • ethnic origin
      • citizenship
      • creed
      • sex
      • sexual orientation
      • gender identity
      • gender expression
      • marital status
      • family status
      • disability

If you feel that someone has infringed on your rights in one or more of these areas, BLC Legal Services can help you determine the best course of action.  You may be able to file an application with the Human Rights Tribunal and have your matter addressed before them. If they find your rights have been violated you may be entitled to compensation depending on the situation.

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BLC Legal Services can help you file your appeal at the various Boards and Tribunals throughout Ontario, however, we focus primarily on WSIB/WSIAT.

Be aware that most Boards and Tribunals have specific deadlines for filing appeals.  Contact BLC Legal Services if you would like help planning your appeal.

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Social Benefits Tribunal of Ontario & Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Have you been denied benefits from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program? Have you been denied benefits under the Canada Pension Plan Disability?

The Social Benefits Tribunal and the Social Security Tribunal of Canada allow those who have been denied benefits to appeal the decision. In most cases, there are strict timelines for appealing a decision. Contact BLC Legal Services to help you navigate your appeal.

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Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court can be a more cost effective way to resolve dispute up to $25,000.00 excluding interest/costs.

Depending on the matter at hand, Small Claims Court may be the solution.  The following is an example of some of the types of matters heard in Small Claims Court:

      • Defamation
      • Negligence
      • Debt Recovery
      • Personal Injury
      • plus many others!

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Commissioner of Oaths & Affidavits

On July 1, 2013, a new regulation came into effect which designated Licensed Paralegals in Ontario as Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits by virtue of office.

The following is a an example of the types of documents we can help you with:

      • Affidavits
      • Consent Travel with Minor Documents
      • Name Change Applications
      • Common Law Declarations
      • Ontario Works/ODSP Applications
      • Vehicle Ownership Transfers
      • Proof of Loss Forms
      • plus many more!